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Our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower those who may not have direct access to industry connections.

We strive to encourage those who may not have direct access to industry connections to both envision a career in law and provide them with the necessary tools and insights to pursue it.


We share voices from all across the legal profession. Our aim is for listeners to find resonance with someone who shares their experiences or hails from a similar background, thereby inspiring them to consider law as a viable career path.


We believe that by sharing knowledge and experience of the industry, we can help level the playing field for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. We equip our listeners with actionable advice that can support their career aspirations.

We’re committed to shifting the narrative from focusing solely on identities.

I’m much more than a trans man, I am Tate. I’m a Program Support Officer, I also volunteer at Gendered Intelligence, I’m also a Law student, I’m also this and that.

Tate Smith

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We focus on intersectionality.

You can’t just consider one protected characteristic by itself. As an ethnic woman of an Asian- Caribbean background, when I was pursuing this career, I didn’t see people like me – who looked like me, spoke like me – in this profession.

Fazeela Ishmael

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We create a space for diverse voices from the legal industry to share their unique stories, experiences, and insights.

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